Monday, July 16, 2007

Mundane Monday

The topic is what’s your sign?

I am a Terrific Taurus.

Patient and reliable
Warmhearted and loving
Persistent and determined
Placid and security loving

On the dark side....

Jealous and possessive
Resentful and inflexible
Self-indulgent and greedy

I think that all these words pretty much describe me. They could describe several other people that aren't Taurens. However, instead of the word, inflexible...I prefer stubborn.

The Greek myth of the bull-form taken by Zeus in order to win himself another woman was always interesting to me. According to legend, Zeus was enamored of Europa and decided to seduce or ravage her, the two being near-equivalent in Greek myth. He transformed himself into a tame white bull and mixed in with her father's herds. While Europa and her female attendants were gathering flowers, she saw the bull, caressed his flanks, and eventually got onto his back. Zeus took that opportunity and ran to the sea and swam, with her on his back, to the island of Crete. He then revealed his true identity, and Europa became the first queen of Crete. She gave birth to 3 of Zues's children.

So, What's your sign??

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