Monday, July 30, 2007

Ah, the Randomness

1. I am still working at the hotel, but hopefully soon, changes will be coming.

2. I am impatient that Nip/Tuck won't be starting the new season until October.

3. We are trying to feel like going for walks every night after Batman gets home from work.

4. I only have to work Thursday and Friday this week so maybe Batman and I can do a raid on WoW together for once.

5. I am reading the Harry Potter books. I am on the second one right now.

6. We don't have plans to go to Kansas again until Christmas. We have possibly some family coming up for Halloween and maybe Thanksgiving.

7. I can't believe its almost August and we have only gone swimming once. Poor Spiderman loves the water so much.

8. No idea what to cook for supper tonight after our walk.

9. Superman turned one 19 days ago. He is trying very slowly to walk. One of these days...

10. And a week ago I chopped about 6 inches of hair off my head. I tried to get a Posh cut, but it ended up longer than that thankfully cause I think I wouldn't have liked it that short.

Picture time!!

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genderist said...

That's a great haircut on you!