Sunday, March 11, 2007


1. Went to the endocrinologist Thursday. He prescribed an antibiotic because he thinks my pain in my parotid gland may be caused by an infection. He also took blood and did a sonogram. Then he took me off my thyroid meds for 4 weeks until I have a scan. He put me on a different kind of thyroid hormone that won't interfere with the scan and hopefully make me not so hypothyroid.

2. My face hurts. Is it killing you?

3. My little Superman is 8 months old today. Somehow it doesnt seem like he should be that old yet. Superman is now really crawling and has begun to pull up a bit on the couch and coffeetable. He only gets to his knees though and hasn't lifted himself up to his feet yet, but he is still tall enough on his knees to pull everything off the table and the couch. Big brother has had to relocate his coloring area.

4. I am at work. I have had to work the last three weekends in a row.

5. On Friday, I got my washer and dryer and queen size mattress delivered.

6. Friday night, Batman and I went out to buy new sheets for our new mattress. We settled on jersey knit sheets for me and a fabulously soft down comforter for him. I love compromise. Especially when I like the end result.

7. I got to do laundry in my own house!!

8. We also got a new water heater put in on Friday. The long hot showers are sooo wonderful right now. But then my shower head holder broke, so I have to hold the showerhead the whole time.

9. Spiderman is loving preschool. The other day on the way home from school, he told Batman, "Red means stop and green means go and Yellow means take it slow." He is so funny. It will be a sad day when he grows out of saying, "FridgerFridger."

10. The time change sucks. I like sleep. I like to sleep a lot.

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genderist said...

I hope those antibiotics help you feel better soon! Hot showers should help you feel better, too!! Are you on the low-Iodine diet?