Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So the FAFSA people say that in order to get financial aid for this semester for my online classes, I have to amend my 2005 taxes and get them done as Married. Since we were married on New Years Eve we were not married the majority of 2005 so we did our taxes as single. Now they say that won't work. WTF?

So FAFSA gets a Fail grade from me. I don't want to amend, so my only other option is to wait until July when I can use my 2006 taxes.

My job gets a Fail also. I always feel so stupid when my manager talks to me. I work at a hotel. The last hotel I worked at, I was told that it is a good thing if all our rooms or the majority had guaranteed reservations. But this guy wanted rooms not reserved, "in case" we have walk-ins. Now if guaranteed reservations don't show up and don't cancel, then we can charge the credit card they used to hold their room, AND we can sell the room to a walk-in and double the room rate we get. So the fact that I do everything the smart way, makes me dumb. GRRR! I am currently PT job hunting again, or totally awesome FT job hunting.

FAIL=Hayfever season. I think I sneezed 803 times yesterday. I was at work last night and only had those paper thin kleenex to absorb the least amount of snot possible. I used half the box. Today is only slightly better.

Pass=McDs happy meal toys. They have the Wizard of Oz dolls in them now. I love WoO so much, I need ALL these figurines. I got Dorothy and Glenda the Good witch already. Just need everything else. If you have doubles and want to send me some, I would allow it. :)

Pass=Not having to write my autobiography until July, I guess.

Pass=Caramel Macchiato and Low-fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee cake from Starbucks.

Pass=My main toon on WoW hit level 70 on Sunday. With no help from Batman. Now for the uber lootage.

2 comments from beautiful people!:

Andrés Hidalgo said...

greetings from chile, you seem to have a beautiful family... and your babies are as cute as they can be!

genderist said...

If all things are equal you average a Pass... But hayfever is super sucky, so it might need to count double...