Monday, January 14, 2013

Hope everyone is having a happy new year! I am excited today because one of my Zoya orders came. I used the 3 free promotion to get these. I had been wanting to get the Zoya named Arielle just so I'd have the one with my name, so I ordered it. And I pick it up & it looks like the Butter London Toff that I'm wearing right now! 

So I'm bummed I have a similar polish already but I wasn't wearing Toff already when I ordered my Zoya so it didn't even click then. 
But I also ordered Aurora and Blaze. I don't have many holos in my stash yet so I'm really stoked to get these. They are so beautiful!!

So there's one of my orders. I'll post when my next one gets here too. Yay! Hugs & polish!

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Samantha said...

ooh you got some really pretty colors! can't wait to see them :D