Friday, September 23, 2011

ABCs of ME

Well I am now getting some followers so I wanted to do this post to let you get to know me a little better.
First, I want to give a BIG shout out to my sister Hannah who, is awesome like me, and also she fixed my problem I was having with the see thru pictures! YAY! You rock epically Hannah! Love you!

On to the good stuff:
I've seen a few people in the blogging community do a post like this recently and I wanted to jump on board...

A. Age: I turned 29 for the first time in May.

B. Bed Size: Queen. One day we will be grown up and get a King.

C. Chore I Hate: Cleaning the toilets! I have a separate bathroom for the boys to use since they frequently get stuff on the seat so they are in charge of cleaning that one.

D. Day:  Saturday is my fav because I always do something I enjoy on that day. Either scrapbook or spend some family time.

E. Essential Start of My Day: I always get a can of DrPepper. My day would completely suck without it.

F. Favorite Color: Purple. Everything would be purple if I could get away with it.

G. Gold or Silver: White gold or platinum :-)

H. Height: I'm 5'3"

I. Instruments:  I play a mad Karaoke machine. I'm not very musically talented I guess. My son can play drums. I just sing, badly.

J. Job Title: Chief Executive Mother/Wife. Sounds almost professional.

K. Kids: Yeah I have 2 awesome sons.

L. Live: Kansas City far from OZ

M. Mom's Name: Heidi

N. Nicknames: Honey. I bet you can't guess who calls me that ;-p

O. Overnight Stay at the Hospital: Several. Two for each of the kids being born. A few for Cancer surgery. Another for brain tumor-type stuff.

P. Pet Peeves: I hate when people have typos. I may occasionally have one, but I know how to use spell check. I also know how to use: to, too, your, you're, there, their, and they're. If you don't, you are dumb and I want to tell you but I'm too nice.

Q. Quote From a Movie: "Roads? Where we're  going we don't need roads." BTTF

R. Right or Left Handed: I'm right handed. I cannot use my left hand for much.

S. Siblings: I am lucky enough to be the oldest of 4 sisters. My 3 sisters are the best friends I could ever have. I also have ONE amazing SIL who I also LOVE!

T. Time I Wake Up: Whenever the heck I feel like it :-D

U. Underwear: I think they're essential ;-) And I don't think they should cost so dang much money!

V. Vegetable I Hate: I love pretty much all of them. I guess I don't really like squash much. But I will eat it. I also eat Brussel Sprouts and I love Onions.

W. What Makes Me Late: My hair usually. Or just sleeping too late.

X. X-Rays: I have had several. Dentist of course, thyroid stuff, never broken anything though *knock on wood*

Y. Yummy Foods I Can Make: I'm good in the kitchen. I can make just about anything if I have a recipe. I love to cook mexican foods and I am AWESOME at anything Italian.

Z. Zoo: I've been to so many. My favorite so far is StLouis but I am waiting to try Omaha. Haven't been there since I was little so I don't remember it.

Well there you have it. Fun post! Now I am going to go clean stuff before the boys get home from school. YAY!

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