Friday, August 21, 2009

My Favorite things for Friday

Just thought I would share some things that I love looking at. Some of these things have gotten wheels turning in my head and I need to keep a reminder of them.

1. I love this name wall hanging I found on Sisters Stuff. I bet I could make it into the boys names for their wall in their new room.

2. This craft room peg board stuff! Found at Craftster. In our new place (that we are moving to this weekend) I will have a large dining room that I am splitting in half to make my craft area AND dining room. Great place to crop. So I need great wall hangings to add some color to the place since we are renting and can't paint the walls. So I think adding some cheap framed pegboards that are painted will not only add color, but also function quite well for holding my tools for beading AND scrapbooking.3. Along those lines, Michelle at Stamp and Smile used curtain rods on her pegboard to put her punches. GREAT idea! Gonna have to copy this one too!
4. So I'm getting a new doggie and I thought this little coat from k9outfitters on Etsy would be adorable for him.

5. And finally these adorable embroidered love notes by Katie.Now I must go pack some more. No more internet this weekend til probly Monday or Tuesday night. LOVE!

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