Sunday, May 10, 2009

Showers, Oldness & Hangovers

Well this weekend is almost over, but it was pretty busy for me.

Friday night I had a baby shower for one of my sisters. I wasn't really in charge but I got nominated to do the public speaking part cause my other sister who was the host got chicken. Anyway, I rocked it and everyone had a great time.
I helped make this great cake and these adorable cupcakes for the shower too.

Saturday was my bday but we went around to see all our moms and grandmas. Then I got a bunch of girls together and went out and did karaoke! It was a blast but I drank too much. Its hard to not drink when people buy them for you. I sang Shoop, then Before He Cheats, then a duet If I Had A Million Dollars. Then we went to another bar where there was a band and since it was my birthday, somehow I ended up playing the cowbell on stage with the band.
Then I woke up with a hangover this morning and my hubby made eggs that smelled up the whole house and made me wanna barf. But I was very touched at his efforts. Then my youngest sister came over and we went to the amusement park and rode roller coasters. Thats really great for a hangover, let me tell you. I am glad she went so she could ride with my son on stuff I wasn't going near. But walking does help hangovers for me, that and DrPepper. It rained on us so we left early and now I am home in my robe all warm and relaxing.

I took some GREAT pics of the boys by the river Saturday. I have such cute kids.
I will hopefully share my favorite ones tomorrow after I get them edited. Now I have to go watch some DVR.

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Tyggereye said...

that cake is great. You are looking good Arielle! :) Hope your sis has healthy happy delivery soon!