Friday, April 17, 2009

Almost only a month later...a new post!

OK so, A BIG CONGRATS to my friend the Genderist to her new addition!

And Happy Spring everyone! I have been thinking of trying to get a picture of the boys in matching shirts I got them from the Children's Place. However I only got a few pictures of Superman and then my camera/computer ate the pictures on transfer. So for now I am waiting on a warm day when I can have the boys clean and dressed and outside on green grass cause Easter Day was not one of those days. Maybe tomorrow.

We had a pregnancy scare last week. Was kinda funny. Batman and I both agreed that this was NOT the time to add another SUPER to this family. But certain things were late that should have arrived and the Batman was freaking out. Then things arrived and we are still a family of four thankfully.

I am planning a baby shower for my sister who is due in July. She is having a boy and her theme is these adorable monkey faces. So I am making monkey invitations and thank you cards and diaper cake and diaper wreath and hopefully i can find someone to make an edible cake in the shape of a monkey face or a banana. Then we will have monkey tails for snacks and anything else baby/monkey themed that I can think of. Any suggestions are appreciated.
I've been busy busy being creative and trying to be organized and planning. Then I watched this:
I don't know if I can do it. I need to find some one who can. Better yet, someone who can do it twice.
I entertained the idea of buying a shaped cake pan from Amazon and making a monkey cake, but quickly decided I should just stick to paper creativity. Thats my niche. And maybe some beadwork, which I need to get working on now.

I helped my youngest sister find a junior prom dress for $37! Yes I typed that right. It was on clearance for $70 and then half off that. There were loose beads and ripped zipper seams and it needed the straps taken up and was missing a button. All fixable. And it looked great on her. So we went to JoAnns....My favorite craft store....(I wish I got free stuff for shameless advertising) and we got extra beads and new buttons that were better than the ones that were on there. Then when I got home I took the tags off and realized there was one of those little ziploc baggies that had extra beads and buttons in it. Oh well, the new buttons are prettier. Can't wait to take prom pics of her in a few weeks. So glad we found such a good buy. And then she got shiny silver shoes with a bow and a the next store found a purse that exactly matched the shoes. It was like a shopping miracle! I sware angels were singing that day for us!

Now for a less exciting part of my post. I've been visiting a doctor recently. Not my endocrinologist, although she has me up to 237mcgs of thyroid now, which is like whoa! She also checked me for gluten intolerance when I told her of my nausea and sudden visits to the ceramic throne immediately following meals. Negative.
Anyhow, my other doc thinks I have a nervous stomach so she likes to try me on anti-anxieties. I think she's nutzo. She gets me a colonoscopy and blood/stool tests and different meds. I have asked around my family histories and such and have gotten a sense that my symptoms may be from a gallbladder. I want it checked just to be safe. So two appointments ago I asked her to check and she kind of said okay and she wanted a physical. So I made the appointment for my physical/pap and got that yesterday. Then I mentioned the gallbladder thing and she was like didn't we check that already? Hello? I like when doctors listen to me. So then she orders the gallbladder sono. I get that today. I just want to find out what's causing the problems, cause I don't like to be treated for symptoms and no one finds out a diagnosis. I'm tired of being patient and seeing if medicine helps and it just goes away. If this shows nothing then I'm finding a doctor who will figure it out or at least pick the right meds. anti-anxieties don't help nausea moron. I'm not depressed, I'm gonna barf stupid, how did you get a degree??

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