Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tubing Fun!

Pic of the day! I am intrigued by the picture a day for a year challenges I see on some scrapbook sites. I'd love to try it and even though its the 20th day of the year...I'll start late and I am going to try to pick a photo every day to share with my post. This could help my blogging and my scrapbooking because then I will have some journaling to go with pics I like. This is going to be my one and only entry but hey I started it! LOL!

Anyway, for MY first day of this big challenge I chose a picture of the 5 people I went tubing with. I love each of them so much. My spiderman is front and center, all bundled up. My baby sister is back right and she is the reason we went tubing. My brother in law (Not her husband) is next to her and his two kids are the others. My neice and nephew are so fun! It was an exciting day and we had beautiful weather. Not too cold, just sunny enough to keep us from freezing. I hope we go again!
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