Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We have to get our vehicle's tagged today. Sucky. We have never lived in this state before so we don't know where to go to get it inspected or get our new state tags. Also we have no idea what paperwork to bring to the place that we don't know. Love to not know. Is there someone that can just do all this for me? Wish I had a husband who knew and just went and did it without appointing me to do these things.

I just joined PaperBack Swap.com and I am going to get to read my Scrapbooking mysteries hopefully. Yay!

My life is full of playdates with Superman, reading time with Spiderman and World of Warcraft with Batman.
Yes I play the WoW. We just got the new expansion so I am leveling my undead mage from level 70 to 80. Love when there are new things on there to do.

Tomorrow is Batman's mom's birthday so we are going to a Japanese Steakhouse. Its better than the Mongolian grills that Batman loves to go to except that the fire on the grill right in front of you scares the living crap out of Superman. Don't know why he is so afraid of it. He has never been burnt or even close to fire. You'd think he would like the warm burst that comes from it, but no, he screams. But we are going anyway.

Well I have to go research where to get my new lisence plate today. Happy Tuesday!

3 comments from beautiful people!:

Tyggereye said...

Good luck with the license. I used to play Everquest with hubby. I loved it. Never played WOW though.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

I hope you found where to get your tags...it's such a pain when you move!!! :)

I totally know who you are! Silly girl!

genderist said...

I hope the quest for tags went well. The first time we tried to get tags in OK it was a disaster. :)