Monday, September 22, 2008

A Joust

We took Spiderman to the Renaissance Festival this weekend. I love that place. I'd love it even more if we had money to spend there. I did have a great time jumping on a giant trampoline while hooked up to giant rubber bands. I flied.
Here is video proof of this excitement. My jumping video.

We watched a joust. Our Knight Sir Jeffery was very amusing to watch. The first joust he was somewhat victorious, then we watched the last joust of the day and he died.

You will be missed Sir Jeffery.

I have so many great pictures of our day. Superman got to stay with Grandma and PaPaw since pushing a stroller around there for him would have been exhausting and he would have been bored anyway. Spiderman was excited that he got to dress up like a knight. He got scared on the jumping thing and his ride was short because he wanted to stop. We waited 2 hours to fly and then he chickens out. He was so excited til he actually did it.

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