Monday, March 17, 2008

I want to....

Well I have been totally neglecting my blogging and I apologize to those that I have bored by not posting the past month. We have been battling that weird flu thing that won't go away, I got my wisdom teeth out so now I am not wise at all, and we are hunting for a new job for Batman in Kansas so we can move back there by August. That's it in a nutshell.
A friend told me to blog about myself a little once in a while for scrapbooking purposes.
Apparently I am to tell you seven things about myself, so I will give it a whirl...don't know if I am that interesting though.

1. I am allergic to peanuts. I have eaten them and they won't kill me, they just make me barf.

2. I love reading books but I never get a chance to sit down and open an actual book.

3. March 10th was the 10 year anniversary of Batman and my first date.

4. I am pretty pathetic that I can't think of seven things to say about myself.

5. I love Starbucks but feel guilty for spending so much for coffee.

6. My second favorite drink is home brewed iced tea with mega amounts of sugar added.

7. I want a puppy SOOOO bad. I think it may counter effect my thinking about having another baby at the moment. I want a tiny tiny Pomeranian girl puppy just for me.

And now, since my brain is fried from thinking up 7 things about myself...I am going to tag anyone who is still reading this...go and post 7 things about yourself in your blog and let me know about it. I like learning things about people.

Here is a few pics too just to make up for my absences.

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