Sunday, November 04, 2007

Random catch up

Where should I start?
Well on October 22nd we drove 6 hours back to KS because Batman's grandpa passed away. The funeral was Wednesday the 24th. We stayed the rest of the week in KS to help grandma out and spend some time with the family.

On Friday the 26th, Batman started feeling icky and we were battling fluids coming out the wrong end. The next day we were visiting the ER because the pain in his stomach was so bad he couldn't stand it. So they gave him some pain pills and an IV and some morphine and sent us out. Then we went back in to the ER at 11pm because the pain had not changed. They gave him a shot of demerol in his bootie and took an x-ray that showed nothing.

Last Sunday we were supposed to be driving back to IL but opted to stay off the road since Batman still felt pretty crappy.
Monday I drove all of us the 6 hour trip back home.
Tuesday, Spiderman dressed up as a pirate and went trick or treating with his preschool. Batman felt a little better and other than all of them having head colds and runny noses, things were feeling better.Halloween day, Spiderman dressed in his Optimus Prime Transformer costume and went candy begging with his preschool again. Then we took our Transformer and our Superman Monkey around the hood to beg for more candy and show off our cuties to everyone we know in IL.
I pigged out on Halloween candy all day Thursday, then Friday I got my top 2 wisdom teeth removed. Ouch. I have to get the bottom two removed in January since the dental insurance is stupid.

Yesterday I mainly slept in a drugged stupor all day and Batman waited on me hand and foot. SWEET!
Today I feel awake and I don't wanna take any more of those pain pills cause they make me feel weird, but my mouth hurts a bit still. And we just watched the KC Chiefs lose the game. In my opinion there are always crappy calls that make them lose and today was no exception.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

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