Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I’d Rather Be Doing Today, not that today is so horrible, but here are 13 things I'd still love to be doing.

1. I would love to have enough energy to do anything, ever. So assuming I had energy, I would rather be outside swimming with the boys. I think we are going to do that tomorrow anyway.

2. Getting my hair dyed the perfect color.

3. Getting a professional deep tissue massage.

4. Getting offered a new fabulous job.

5. Finishing a college degree.

6. Finishing a scrapbook album.

7. Taking the kids to a museum.

8. Reading the last Harry Potter book.

9. Sitting at Starbucks reading my book.

10. Ordering all the pictures I have not ordered yet on my computer.

11. Going to a movie by myself. Sometimes, its just fun to do.

12. A scrapbooking retreat sounds very productive and relaxing at the same time.

13. Romantic dinner alone with my sweet husband.

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