Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter Winter Winter

SIGH!! The snow is here. Well its been here since Thursday night.
Hey, don't you want a play by play??

Batman went to work last Monday and was told that they wanted him to fly back to Kansas to work in the plant there for a few days. They also said they had room for the baby and I. Since Spiderman went back to KS with my mom, then Superman got to take his first flight. We got rained on in a tiny little prop plane so we had to land half an hour from the airport in our town and wait for the weather to get better so we could land in our own airport. So our 1.5hour flight took 4 hours.
Then we got put up in a hotel that his work paid for, which was cool because we didn't want to choose which of our family to stay with and piss someone off. They did however, give us the crappy work van to drive around town while we were there instead of a cool rental. That thing is going to die...soon. We went to dinner with my dad and step mom on Monday night and Superman came down with a fever. He cried for a bit, but was really good throughout the ordeal. His first fever/cold and he really was a Superman.
We were supposed to fly back on Wednesday, but apparently it was storming up here in IL so he thought it best to wait until the afternoon. Then in KS that afternoon it was raining ice. Thats a good time. The pilot's son, who is the copilot, said he didn't want to take off at that time. So our flight was pushed until the next day. We were already at my Dad's playing board games and we had checked out of the hotel so we just decided to stay there in the warmth. My sister and her fiancee came over and we sucked them into the board gaming. I love the board games. My dad and stepmom are all about them. Batman isn't really a fan, unless its just me and him. We were having fun playing Sequence while it was pouring down ice and the temperature was falling as well. Oddly enough we were awoken Thursday morning with a phone call from the pilot saying he wanted to take off in the next hour. So we rushed to shove everything back into the suitcase and get the baby bundled. My step mom unfroze her car and drove us to the Airport. Its a tiny Airport, not like we had to fight any traffic or lose luggage. We were the only ones there.
So we take off safely and land safely back in IL. Our little car is at the airport here and it is frozen. It has no heater by the way. So we scrape and scrape and the temperature is 20 degrees out there. The baby is covered with every blanket I took with us for him and he is super warm inside his little car seat. No complaints from him.
We finally get it thawed and make it home and Batman has to go to work. Then at about 3pm Thursday it starts the raining of ice here. I called Batman and told him to get home before it gets too bad. Well he calls and wants me to come get him at about 430pm. So I get us all in the Durango and surprise...the heater in there doesn't work. Its like our vehicles are passing a disease to each other. The car got the STD first and gave it to the Durango. It was putting out air so I thought it would get us to pick up Batman. Well I got half a mile down the road and had to stop and scrape the window. I made it to Walmart and called Batman to tell him he was SOL and had to make the car work. So I hung out at walmart and picked up some windshield Heet and a few other things and called my scrapping friend's husband to tell him to just come tow the Durango. It needed a new water pump and belt and window motor anyway so we told him to just fix all of it. Bye Bye Christmas!!

Then after we went to bed Thursday it started snowing and didnt stop until noon Friday. Batman got a free day home from work cause the city sent out an emergency message saying to not park on the streets and to stay where you are and not drive anywhere. Yeah ice under a foot of snow is not good right? So finally Saturday it was getting cleared off so we braved the trek to Walmart cause we were about out of toilet paper I had forgotten to get when I was there 2 days earlier. There was so much traffic, I was a bit freaked out. Looked like lots of stupid people needed toilet paper. Then on Sunday we took Spiderman out to play in the snow. It was still powder and crazy cold. So here are some shots of our snow day.
Stay WARM peeps!!!

Yes, thats my kid throwing snow at my face. He soon started crying cause the cold snow was all over his face.Yes, that's my fabulous husband throwing snow directly at me, holding the camera. We were both shocked that I actually captured the snowball in the air. BTW, is it actually a snowball, I think its too big to be called that. Its a snowblock or something bigger sounding.

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genderist said...

These are some precious pictures... that one with the snowball is awesome!