Friday, July 07, 2006

Maybe Good news

At the sonogram today we found out that Arik weighs around 6lbs and is measuring smaller than he should be for a 38 weeker. He is about 2 weeks behind. I have no doubt that when he comes out and gets some good milk that he will catch up in no time.
So also with me being on the small side, the OB doesnt want Arik to get much bigger so if I dont go into labor on my own before next Thursday or Friday then we will be induced one of those two days. The OB isnt worried about the baby's health. He said the heartbeat and lungs and everything look good and he should be fine if he came now.
Yay!! I will definitely have a new baby to hold by next weekend.
We are going to try our own labor inducing techniques cause we want to have him on Sunday, but no sweat if it doesnt work. At least we will get to see him soon and I will be able to be more comfortable.

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