Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Any Day Now

Well, I had another appointment today and sis R got to see a sonogram. We saw everything but his face since he is facing my back and he's pretty far down apparantly. The OB figured that Arik weighs about 5 lbs 5 oz right now. He measures about 11 days behind where a typical 36 weeker would. I was really hoping to hear something around 7lbs today so I could beg for the pitocin. My weight was 140 which is +12lbs from pre pregnancy. I am dialated to 1.5 cm and baby's head is way down but my cervix is way posterior which pretty much just means that its really hard for them to check dialation since its hard to reach. Not fun for me if you can imagine.

So since I am dialating we are just mainly waiting for contractions to start and then we will head to labor and delivery. It may not be for a few days, I dont know if I really feel like today is the day. Someone send me good contraction vibes though cause I want my baby out now. :)

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