Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cushie Soft

We got our super soft new couch Friday. We're all about soft stuff these days.
The mattress is soft, the couch is soft, and the new spring grass outside is soft under the barefeet of the kids. I need to get a pic of that too.
But who wants to go outside when you have a soft new couch and mattress inside??

Now that its warm and nice and I get back on my synthroid, we have more motivation to get outside and play. I had all my scans and I do not have to have a 2 week vacation from the kids. In other words, I don't have to have radiation.
Tomorrow I may find out what is causing the pain in my parotid gland to stick around. I had my first CT on Friday morning. Pretty strange feeling. The IV of iodine gave me a warm crazy feeling even though it was only in for 3 minutes. *Relax, I'm only going to stick it in for a second.* :P

We went to the zoo last week too. It was lame and unimpressive.
Spiderman liked the bats, and the "Timon's" (meerkats).

Went and got haircuts for all of us but Superman today. Then some regular Sunday cleaning. I like the fact that I have cut my hours back at the hotel. More family time. Me likes. Soft and cuddly.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I better get some comments on this one.

Here's a cute shot of me and Spidey at my favorite Mexican restaurant that we went to before Easter, back in Kansas.

I am slackin off huh?

Been busy busy. I work at the hotel second shift and first shift I babysit for the neighbors.
I have to learn a new way to control this other boy. And when he's around my kid, they fight and Spiderman gets hit and its just insane and stressful.

I am trying spring cleaning, bit by bit. I cleaned off the desks today. Man under all the clutter there was a lot of dust. Glad that's gone now. I also did mega laundry. I washed the down mattress cover and probably shouldn't have, but its over now.

Been going to doctor's appointments like mad. My calcium is low and my cholesterol is high. The pain in my cheek is not TMJ or an infection, but perhaps a problem with a salivary gland. Which is what I thought in the beginning. But they want to do an iodine CT, but that will have to wait til after my Total Body Scan which is now scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I REALLY REALLY do not want to have to do another ablation. I have no where for the kids to stay this time.
So scans next week and CT the week after that I guess. Two more weeks of facial pain.

Went back to KS for Easter. Saw the hospitalized Grandpa's. Yes thats not one, but two. Mine had his other shoulder joint replaced and Batman's had a tumor removed from his lung.
Both are feeling better, as slowly as senior citizens can feel better.

Doing some thinking about gestational surrogacy. I am open to hearing your thoughts on this subject. Let's just say that I want to help a couple have their own baby, which they are unable to gestate on their own. I would not have to use my own egg or my husband's tadpoles. Payment would be sufficient as it can be for putting your body up for rent to grow another human for someone else. The feeling of giving some great people the baby they really, really want is priceless. Not to mention, paying off bills and getting out of debt and saving for our own kids college. Its like winning the lottery in 9 months. I know its a risk and it definitely won't happen if the C-bomb is still around. But I know I am pretty good at being pregnant. Batman won't have much fun. I do get sucky morning sickness and low sex drive. But at least he gets to look at some astonishing cleavage for a few months.
That's what's on my plate at the moment.
Going to StLouis this weekend for a scrapbook convention. Good times, can't wait. I want to try to sell some of my scrapbook stuff too. My sister and my stepmom want me to start a biz of doing albums for people. Lets see if I can sell these 90 housewarming cards that I made first.
Other than that, just work work, raising kids, and cleaning.
Oh and I love my husband.