Monday, January 14, 2013

Hope everyone is having a happy new year! I am excited today because one of my Zoya orders came. I used the 3 free promotion to get these. I had been wanting to get the Zoya named Arielle just so I'd have the one with my name, so I ordered it. And I pick it up & it looks like the Butter London Toff that I'm wearing right now! 

So I'm bummed I have a similar polish already but I wasn't wearing Toff already when I ordered my Zoya so it didn't even click then. 
But I also ordered Aurora and Blaze. I don't have many holos in my stash yet so I'm really stoked to get these. They are so beautiful!!

So there's one of my orders. I'll post when my next one gets here too. Yay! Hugs & polish!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Thought I'd share my festive nails with you all before I plunge into dreamland. 

I alternated China Glaze Ruby Pumps & Glittering Garland & Milani one coat gold. Then I put on some Essie Pure Pearlfection on the green nails. Then I used the super cool glitter I got from an Etsy Store called Pretty & Polished. It's called Ornament Smash & it gave me the right mix of colors I wanted. I did a review on it before. 
Anyway, then I wanted more so I used a small chunky red glitter from Milani on the green &goldnails. Then I added a pretty green glitter from Orly to add more green to the red & gold nails. I'd say I got a good mix of red green & gold all mixed up on my nails. May be a biznitch to take off but I'll wear it a few days to make up for it. 
Ok well hope your celebration was joyful & you are as blessed as I feel toinght!  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ok I think I've figured out how to post to my blog from my phone. So hopefully this will help me to post more often. Getting back in the game! 

Here is a mani I did recently. 

I did it as a tribute to the lives in Newtown CT that were recently taken too soon. As a mother, I just can't imagine losing either of my babies that way. It breaks my heart & I am so sad to see that happen. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty purple swirly

I am going to show you a mani from my unposted pile. This was a mani I did to wear on my scrapbook weekend at a Crafty Bed and Breakfast. It was awesome. If you ever wanna go to scrapbook in Topeka KS, let me know and I will tell you where to go for the best time!
Anyway, on to the mani. This was NOPI One Big Happy Fame-ily with Wet n Wild Hannah Pinktana on top. Then embellished with pretty black swirly stickers that had tiny bling on them.

I also want to do a little rant for a second if you don't mind. Lately, I have heard of some bloggers that did manis with the little micro beads on top. They were calling them "Caviar" manis. Well some company called Caite sent nasty emails to some of these bloggers telling them that they could not call the mani "Caviar" because they were in the process of APPLYING to trademark that phrase. W.T.F? SOOO rude. They did not invent this mani technique. So these bloggers are vying to not buy any Caite products and I fully support that/them because if a company is going to get all snotty about a phrase, they don't deserve our money. And the bloggers have been calling their manis, "Fish Egg" Mani. Suck it Caite.

I haven't done this technique yet, but I found this list of bloggers doing VERY FABULOUS "fish egg" manis and they ALL look way better than the Caite one anyways. Please check them out and share your love for them and hate for Caite. (Psst! I rhymed) LOL!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PCFC Favorite Pastel Blue or Green

Here is my mani for the PCFC Spring Challenge. My fav pastel blue or green. Well I did both.
 First up is Sinful Cinderella. Such a pretty baby blue with sweet shimmer.

Then I decided to layer some blue glitter on top cuz, I loves glitter. I found these two in my stash that are very similar so I thought I would just alternate and kind of do a comparison at the same time.

Revlon Radiant has green, blue and silver large hex glitter but Gone Gonzo only has the silver large hex. They both have about the same amount of the small blue glitter I think. 
My nails got a pretty thick amount of polish on them by the time this mani was done. Two coats of Cinderella and four coats of the glitters. I think that's enough!

On to my favorite pastel green. This is two coats of Essie Navigate Her with Essie Pure Pearlfection on top.

Just a pretty simple pastel muted green. Only needed two coats. The Pure Pearfection is a great way to add some shimmer to any mani. I love the pearlyness it added.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Malfunctions and UPDATES

3 posts in one hour! New record and this is the last for today I sware!

I hate malfunctions. Who invented them? HAHA!
Anyways, I haven't gotten any comments on my blog since February and I was hoping someone out there reading might help me. If you can leave a comment, please do. And let me know if it was easy or if you had any problems.
I posted a card that I entered into some challenges and those kind of posts always get comments and since my last one had none, I am sensing there might be a problem with my commenting system.
So I have fiddled around with it and hopefully you should be able to leave a comment now.
I'm not craving attention or anything, I just know that there should have been comments and there are none so something must be whack.

Also, I have swatched ALL of my polishes onto nail wheels for organization purposes. I have put them onto my Polish Stash tab at the top of this blog. Here is the link also so you can go see all the names listed. There are a ton of random bottle shots at the top of the page and then the wheels and the lists are toward the bottom.
 I am wondering how to continue with wheels if I buy any polishes in the future. Do you start a new wheel for red, pink, purple, blue, green and so forth or do you just put a mix of colors on the next wheel? Does this question make any sense? I may not be asking it right. I tried to organize my wheels the best I could for me. The first one has my good polishes on it, like Nails Inc and Butter London and Models Own and Barry M. Then I did a wheel of OPI collections. But then I did the rest by color. So I have 16 full wheels. So when I buy new polish, do I keep them by color, or just swatch on the same wheel no matter what colors I get? If you use wheels, how do you continue your swatching after you do your initial organization?

The winner of my 100 follower GIVEAWAY is......

Okay I am so sorry that this posting is SOOO late! These polishes are ready to be sent to the lucky winner and I forgot that I haven't even announced the winner yet! ACK! I'm so BAD! Don't hate me.

Anyway, on to the news you may have been waiting for........
There were 724 entries and in the middle, Google Friend Connect stopped functioning properly for tons of people. So I am letting that slide, but if you can, please go to one of my two side bars and pick another way to follow me. I have no idea how to tell how many followers I have now, so if you have any ideas for me, please let me know.

Alright, the winner is  Shalon B!! YAY!! Confetti!!! Congrats!! She has been emailed and if I don't hear back from her soon, I will choose another winner. Thank you everyone for being a reader of my blog!

Pretty and Polished Review

I got the chance to review some polishes from Chels at Pretty and Polished.
I chose 4 minis and  one full size bottle.
This is Nova. A gorgeous holographic red. It was opaque in two coats and dried rather quickly. I think its a bright cherry red with scattered holo in it. To me it has a pinkish tone and its just a perfect red for me.

Then I got Ornament Smash. I put it over Nova. Its a mix of large and small glitters in a clear base. I only did two coats here, but I think if you layered this glitter on really thick, it would make an amazing sparkly mani for a party.

And here is the other glitter I got from Chels. Old Skool is sooo cool! I globbed one coat on my pinky which is why it looks deformed. I wanted to see how much glitter I'd get with just one coat. My top finger is just two coats! Amazing glittery coverage! I just love holographic glitters. This has a mix of big, small, and bar holo glitters in a clear base.

Last but not least is my favorite of the bunch. This is Galactus. Its a beautiful cool toned purple with scattered holo glitter in it. It went on easy with two coats and dried quickly like Nova. These pics are without top coat.

Then I layered Jealous on top. Jealous is indescribable but just know that you need a bottle of it because you will want to put it on top of everything when you get it. It is a color changing topcoat. I put it over Galactus here, but below you will find it over CG Gothic Lolita which is my fav combo.

This is Gothic Lolita without Jealous on top, just so you can see what awesomeness it adds.

Below is my fav pic of Jealous. See how its like gold and green and blue sparkles?  Here is the link to get Jealous because you seriously NEED it!

This is Jealous over Wet N Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint. Its only on the pointer and ring fingers. But seriously, see how shimmery they are with it? Sweet!
This is Jealous over OPI Fly. Super FLY!! You should be JEALOUS!!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get you some bottles of Pretty and Polished from Chels!