Friday, April 06, 2012

Malfunctions and UPDATES

3 posts in one hour! New record and this is the last for today I sware!

I hate malfunctions. Who invented them? HAHA!
Anyways, I haven't gotten any comments on my blog since February and I was hoping someone out there reading might help me. If you can leave a comment, please do. And let me know if it was easy or if you had any problems.
I posted a card that I entered into some challenges and those kind of posts always get comments and since my last one had none, I am sensing there might be a problem with my commenting system.
So I have fiddled around with it and hopefully you should be able to leave a comment now.
I'm not craving attention or anything, I just know that there should have been comments and there are none so something must be whack.

Also, I have swatched ALL of my polishes onto nail wheels for organization purposes. I have put them onto my Polish Stash tab at the top of this blog. Here is the link also so you can go see all the names listed. There are a ton of random bottle shots at the top of the page and then the wheels and the lists are toward the bottom.
 I am wondering how to continue with wheels if I buy any polishes in the future. Do you start a new wheel for red, pink, purple, blue, green and so forth or do you just put a mix of colors on the next wheel? Does this question make any sense? I may not be asking it right. I tried to organize my wheels the best I could for me. The first one has my good polishes on it, like Nails Inc and Butter London and Models Own and Barry M. Then I did a wheel of OPI collections. But then I did the rest by color. So I have 16 full wheels. So when I buy new polish, do I keep them by color, or just swatch on the same wheel no matter what colors I get? If you use wheels, how do you continue your swatching after you do your initial organization?

3 comments from beautiful people!:

Ashesela said...

WOOO!! I've been trying to comment on your blog several times but for some reason I couldn't until now.

Anonymous said...

no problem with commenting! :)

I just recently swatched all of my polishes too! I have the same color wheels and I grouped them by colors of course, then I have metallics, glitters, flakies, and neons. I also numbered mine, just like you did, lol! I wrote my numbers on the back with a name for the wheel, like "glitters" then I have an excel spreadsheet. Each tab is the name of the wheel, the numbers and the brand and polish name. I love this system! I can easily see the colors as they truly are and I can hold them up to my skin/nails to see what shade looks best with my skintone :)

Arielle said...

YAY! Comments work!! Thanks girls!!

I am so envious of your excel spreadsheet! I may have to recruit my hubby to help me with that.