Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friday Feast

I am doing it on the day it is meant for this time. Just cause I really have nothing exciting to report. Except that it is getting closer to sister's wedding time. I picked up my bridesmaid dress Wednesday. And Batman and Spiderman got measured for their tuxes. Now we just need to find Superman a shorts tux for a 1 yr old.

I am making the bridal shower invitations myself and they look great so far. So cute, and pink.

Well here's the Friday Feast.....

Name a sound you like to hear.

Quiet. Does that count as a sound or the lack of sound? Its just too noisy with all these boys.

What is your favorite kind of cheese?

I love cubed mozzarella. And I like it with grapes.

Do you sleep late on Saturday mornings? Why or why not?

I sleep late every day. Batman lets me sleep late in the quiet bedroom when he is off work. Its just so hard to get up on anyday, but he makes it easy to not get up, and I love that.

Main Course
When was the last time you forgot something? What was it, and how long did it take to remember it?

I called my sister and left a message and when she called me back, I had no idea why I called her in the first place. But I guess its okay to not have a reason. I think we eventually talked about what I called about. Probly wedding stuff.

Fill in the blank: I notice ____________ when _____________.

I notice what hasn't been done when I get home from a second shift. I always tell Batman that I do SOMETHING around the house when he is gone, but then he never does anything when I work. I just wanted dishes done, geez. :P

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 21, 2007

A feast of sorts....

I saw this MeMe and its supposed to be posted on a Friday and called Friday Feast, but I know its Monday and I already wish it was Friday so here ya go!

List 3 emotions you experienced last week.

It was pretty happy with a moment or two of confusion and sadness.

Name a car you’d love to have.

I would like a Dodge Avenger, or an Audi A4, and sometimes I just want a limo, with a driver.

Describe your typical morning routine.

This is only for days when Spiderman has school cause when he doesnt have school, I sleep til they wake me up.

Wake up just before alarm goes off. Ignore alarm. Lie there for about a half hour, then crawl out of bed and head for bathroom. Brush teeth and think about what to wear and what to dress the boys in. Make sure Batman is up and getting dressed. Get dressed and get out clothes for everyone else. Oh I bet this is really boring for you to read, so just move on to the next question. :P

Main Course
Have you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply?

I emailed Oprah once to complain about my parents, but never got a reply. I emailed Ellen DeGeneres to win something, but never got a reply on that either.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?

Don’t listen to podcasts, but eventually would like to find something non-annoying to catch my attention.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Smartass Day

So on Wednesday I turned 25. Basically sweetly uneventful. Batman and I got to go to a great Steak restaurant and then we saw Premonition.
I thought it was an interesting movie. Batman of course was skeptical and ripped it apart. Totally confused me. LOL The boys were left at my friend's house so we had a nice child-free evening.
I got lots of cool birthday cards and Batman tried to get me a gift certificate for a massage, but he was confused about how many different kinds of massages there are, so he gave up and just told me I could schedule exactly what I wanted, where I wanted. Nice gesture, but he needs to work on having something exciting for me to unwrap next time. If he reads this I will probably find him wearing only a bow and a smartass response of "Well, you wanted something to unwrap..." Awesome.

Had a nice conversation with Spiderman today.

Me: what are you doing?
SpM: Looking for a snack. (Holding the refrigerator door open.)
Me: You're letting all the cold air out. (Happy to use the line of my father.)
SpM: Well I don't fit in the fridger-fridger so I have to stand out here and open the door MOM!
Me: (Choking back laughter.) Well hurry up and decide then and shut the door.

I think he may have rolled his eyes at me.
They grow up so fast.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scrap pages I did recently.