Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Any Day Now

Well, I had another appointment today and sis R got to see a sonogram. We saw everything but his face since he is facing my back and he's pretty far down apparantly. The OB figured that Arik weighs about 5 lbs 5 oz right now. He measures about 11 days behind where a typical 36 weeker would. I was really hoping to hear something around 7lbs today so I could beg for the pitocin. My weight was 140 which is +12lbs from pre pregnancy. I am dialated to 1.5 cm and baby's head is way down but my cervix is way posterior which pretty much just means that its really hard for them to check dialation since its hard to reach. Not fun for me if you can imagine.

So since I am dialating we are just mainly waiting for contractions to start and then we will head to labor and delivery. It may not be for a few days, I dont know if I really feel like today is the day. Someone send me good contraction vibes though cause I want my baby out now. :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sweet Summer

Well my sister R, has been staying with us for over a week now. I think she is supremely bored. We have a pool here at the apartment and we let her go there whenever she wants. But R has a tan that is super dark already when she got up here. Do I think she needs more sun? No way! The girl is dark. Sun loves her. Since there is nothing much else my super pregnant butt can do with her, I guess she just gets to go to the pool and play with Aidan most of the time.

I went to the OB today, like usual (I am there twice a week for NSTs) and the midwife was checking the heart monitor...She was on the phone and looked at the paper, then stepped out of the room and I heard her say something about scheduling an induction. I didnt know if she was talking about me or not, but I was really hoping. She mentioned to me the next time she came in that I was having contractions and asked me if I felt them...well duh! They were just the Braxton Hicks, but they are still uncomfortable and annoying, not really painful. The monitor has little numbers that gage how strong the cntx is and we think the highest it got was around 30 out of 100 I think. I saw on the monitor that Arik was really active as soon as I got on there, but then he went to sleep. So the MW buzzed me twice to wake him up and he moved a little but pretty much just kept sleeping. Then she took me off the monitor and to an exam room to be checked. I am dialated to one whole cm, which is definitely not much. She said that if I do go into labor now that they wont try to stop me so that is cool. I can totally be happy with going anytime now.

I have an appointment for a sonogram and another NST appointment for Tuesday so maybe we'll be closer to delivery then. We'll see!! Looks like this weekend I will be nesting and making sure the crib gets put up and stuff is more ready.

Here is a fabulous shot of me in my swim suit last Friday. Looking large! The nurses at the OB tell me I dont look 35 weeks pregnant. And I am totally getting rid of that bikini after this too cause its just not me. I thought it would cover a little of my belly, but its more like a tablecloth as my wonderful husband put it.

Well now I need to figure out what we are going to do for fun tonight cause we tried the water park and it was annoying and the pool here is closed today cause they cant figure out the acid balance, so we need to find something to keep the kids entertained.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Alone is over shortly

Another NST today. It went well. Arik was awake enough today. I did get fortunate enough to talk to one of the nurses I like and it turns out that she is a scrapbooker. So she invited me to a party she is having soon. I am so glad to get opportunities to make friends. The nurse is old enough that her husband is retired, but I think she rocks and I just love scrapbooking friends no matter what age they are. I never find any my age anyway.

Anthony's brother and best friend are on their way here from Kansas and should be here within a few hours. Then my mom and sisters are coming late tonight to arrive here early tomorrow morning. They are bringing Aidan back with them. I am glad Aidan will be back cause I miss him all the time he is gone, but I was glad for the little break. I acutally went into the post office alone today and it was nice.
Anthony and I also had a nice fun evening last night. Can't tell you the details, but it was good! We aren't going to get many nights alone for some time, so if one comes along, you gotta do what you gotta do! :)

Next friday is Anthony's birthday and I still have to figure out what to get him.
Wow, I just have a super boring life today. Everyone will be here shortly so I guess I am off to do some minor cleaning and maybe a short nap if I am lucky. I can't believe how full the apartment will be in just a few hours. Its quite a change from the usualness of just the 3 of us. We are glad for the company though since we have no friends up here in IL yet.